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Radio Darya is a 24/7 Iranian radio station featuring Iranian music, talk show, world news, cultural events and entertainment. We broadcast from Toronto Canada and Barcelona Spain. Our unique music programming continues to grow our audience and it is important to us to have a long lasting relationship with our listeners by providing programs that our listeners interested in and appreciate. Poetry is big part of Iranian culture and Radio Darya has an important value for our poets such as Ferdowsi , Hafez, Saadi, Rumi and Forough Farrokhzad. Along with the music, Poetry is part of our daily programs, Music is a big part of our lives and Radio Darya is paying special attention to playing a great music and as Friedrich Nietzsche said life without music would be a mistake.

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If you like to be part of our effective advertisement campaign or have any suggestion, feedback or question, please email us at or call us at1-705-315-8260. We need your help to grow. Any suggestion or feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you for being part of Radio Darya Family.

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